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To make your choices as simple as possible, we have prepared this guide to our printing services. We believe you’ll find exciting ideas and ways we can help with your business and personal projects. We also encourage you to download our Printing Guidelines. Need Adobe Reader to view a PDF? It's Free!

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Whether you’re presenting a one-time special event or developing your long-term corporate identity package, it is essential to maintain quality and consistency throughout all your printed materials. Printing Plus can handle all of your printing needs. Our equipment and personnel allow us to be both the commercial and instant printer, giving our customers high quality work in the shortest possible time.

When you have a project that requires custom printing, our professional staff will meet with you to discuss your order and help you determine paper stock, ink colors and all of the other details that make a difference in your final product.

We are capable of printing any of the PMS (Pantone Matching system) colors. We have over 500 different paper samples, many of them recycled (remember, acting responsibly toward the environment should be a goal for every business today).

A Personal Approach to Printing
  • Complete Business Package
  • Create a comprehensive identity package including business cards, letterhead and envelopes. You can also carry your new identity over into other items such as custom forms, rubber stamps and labels.
  • Sales and Merchandising Support
  • Printed announcements, banners, flyers, brochures and catalogs.
  • Presentations and Meeting Materials
  • Customized imprints on three-ring binders, divider tabs and covers. Custom printed programs and announcements.
  • Business Forms
  • Printing Plus has over 500 stock computer and snap out forms to choose from. We can custom design any of these or help you create something fitting your specific needs.
  • Fast Reprints
  • Replacement printing of your essential business materials.
  • Your Single Source for Custom Printing
  • Whether you want to make a statement, reinforce an image, or make a professional presentation, you can depend on Printing Plus to add a personal touch to all your custom printing needs.
  • Special Occasions
  • Invitations, matchbooks, and napkins for openings, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.

Black and White Copying

We offer special discounts on volume orders and provide the kind of full-service and quick turnaround that make sure a large job is completed without big headaches.

We’ll be happy to prepare a custom estimate and show you how you can save time, energy and money on your projects ... even on the largest jobs. And we include all of the extras like pick up and delivery. For high quality, reasonable prices and added value no matter what the volume, Printing Plus has it!

More Value on Large Projects
  • Special Discounts on Large Orders
  • No two projects are exactly alike. If you want to find out how much you can save on a project, just ask for a free estimate. We’ll review the job with you in detail, provide you with options and recommendations, and work out a custom quote.
  • Pick Up and Delivery
  • Getting a large project copied at Printing Plus is so easy you can do it without leaving your office. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to pick up your originals and deliver your order when finished.
  • Quick Turnaround
  • We’re ready to handle your big orders right away. In fact, with our professional staff and high speed copiers we can usually complete most jobs overnight! How’s that for quick turnaround?
  • Office Overflow
  • Is a big copy project causing a backup of work at the office? If so, count on Printing Plus to get the job done right ... and you can put your people and equipment back to work on other business.
  • Save Your Office Equipment
  • Most office copiers are not made to handle high volume copying. If you have a special high volume project that could put an undue burden on your office equipment, send the job to Printing Plus. We’ll meet your deadline and your budget.
  • Computer Services/Laser Typesetting
  • Before you make thousands of copies, you need to start with a good original. We can help. Our computer services and laser typesetting services can help you create clean, crisp originals that get your message across clearly and effectively.
  • Quality Finishing Services
  • In addition to making great copies, we can also give your project a professional touch with our complete line of finishing services ... from attractive bindings and custom tabs, to folding, cutting, drilling, stapling, padding, laminating and more.
  • Everyday Volume Discounts
  • We continually offer a variety of everyday volume pricing discounts on full-service black and white copies as well as many of our other services.

Full Color Copying

If you haven’t taken a look at color copies lately ... it’s time to look again, because now you can get unbelievable quality in color copies at an affordable price! With today’s advanced color laser copiers, originals can be enlarged or reduced with exceptional clarity. You can combine color photos with text, or even colorize a black and white original. If you haven’t tried it, now is the time to let Printing Plus put color to work for you.

Show Your True Colors
  • Improve Communication
  • Studies by the Poynter Institute show that attention value is increased 125% to 130% and retention value by 235% when full color is used instead of black and white.
  • Copy From any Color Originals
  • Make copies from photos, original artwork, printed samples, drawings, charts and graphs.
  • Reduce or Enlarge Images
  • Your original can be reduced or enlarged to fit nearly any space. You can even change the proportions.
  • Change Colors
  • You can experiment by altering existing color in photos, artwork packaging, graphs and diagrams.
  • Colorize Black and White Originals
  • Photos, artwork, graphics and headlines can be enhanced with accent color or complete colorization.
  • Instant Short-Run Printing
  • Color copies are ideal for small runs or emergency reprints of brochures, flyers, product sheets, signs and small posters.
  • Sales Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters
  • Combine color photographs with descriptive copy to create effective sales tools and informational materials.
  • Business Presentations
  • Your complete presentation — from overhead transparencies, to charts, displays and handouts — can be created in full color for greater impact and improved communication.
  • Color Transparencies
  • Full-Color transparencies are ideal for overheads of graphics and charts, overlays for training manuals and computer graphics.
  • Photo Enlargements
  • Make color copies (up to 11” x 17”) from your favorite personal or business photos. Whether it’s your new infant, your last vacation or the newest introduction to your company’s product line ... capture it in color.
  • Artwork Reproduction
  • Create affordable, quality reproductions of your original artwork, printed samples, advertising comps and story boards.
  • Special Promotional Materials
  • Announce a special event or sale with colorful, attention-getting posters, flyers, and handouts from photos or original artwork.


First impressions. It is attention to detail that creates the strongest distinction between truly professional presentations and simply ordinary documents. The right finishing touch can go a long way towards making a great first impression.

Our finishing services enable you to create professional-quality brochures, newsletters, booklets, tickets, and more. Double-sided copying, folding, and labeling help you create dynamic direct mail pieces ... one of today’s most effective forms of business communication.

Regardless of the type of job at hand, from simple in-house padded forms to major sales presentations, Printing Plus can create your package with style.

Add the Right Finishing Touches
  • Tape Binding
  • Neat, attractive and cost-effective, tape-bound materials open evenly and lay flat for easy reading. Ideal for larger manuscripts.
  • Custom Ring Binders
  • Ideal for employee manuals, instruction manuals, membership directories, flip chart presentations and more.
  • Report Covers
  • Offered in a variety of styles, including clear, linen and ring binder slip-ins.
  • Folding
  • From single-fold invitations and menus to multi-fold brochures, letters and booklets.
  • Cutting
  • Reproduce two or more smaller documents on the same page to save time and money while reducing waste.
  • Drilling
  • One, two or three-hole drilling for forms, handouts and manuals.
  • Stapling
  • For booklets, reports, price sheets and catalogs.
  • Padding
  • Create forms, note pads or personalized give-away’s.
  • Laminating
  • Permanent protection for important or delicate documents, or frequently used materials such as menus.
  • Collating
  • Multi-page document organization for those larger jobs.
  • Numbering
  • Consecutive numbering for invoices, tickets, court transcripts and more.

Digital Pre-press

We have a complete digital graphics department with highly trained personnel to take your ideas to print. Our pre-press facility can accept files from most of the popular graphic applications in Macintosh and PC formats.

Let Digital Graphics Work for You
  • Digital Typesetting
  • Printing Plus offers high quality typesetting with an extensive library of type styles. We maintain a computer file for each of our customers so that changes to printing done in the past can be made quickly, saving you money.
  • Art and Design
  • The graphic artists at Printing Plus get your message across without the need of an advertising agency. We do it all, “concept, design and production.”
  • Customer Supplied Digital Pre-Press Department
  • Printing Plus accepts a wide range of electronic media both for Macintosh and PC formats.
  • E-mailing Digital Files
  • Printing Plus accepts digital files sent via e-mail at

Large Format Color Prints

Kent to supply copy.

Super Size Color
  • First Subhead
  • Kent to supply copy.
  • Second Subhead
  • Kent to supply copy.

Posters and Banners

Making it big can be difficult. If you’ve ever tried to make a large poster or banner without the right equipment, you know what a chore it can be ... printing out sections on several sheets of paper and then taping or gluing them into position.

At Printing Plus we make it easy to turn ideas into instant posters and banners. Hand us your original and we’ll instantly enlarge it into a poster or banner. It’s that easy! You can make your poster or banner from any original. Whether it’s computer typeset, handwritten, an illustration or one of our in-house templates, your posters and banners will look sharp.

How to Make it Big at Printing Plus
  • Business Presentations
  • Enlarge handouts or individual pages form your presentation into informative, attention-grabbing displays.
  • Courtroom Presentations
  • Instant posters are a quick, cost-effective way to enlarge important material into highly visible courtroom presentations.
  • Restaurant Displays
  • Instant signs and banners are a quick, cost-effective way to promote restaurant specials ... use them for window, wall and easel signs.
  • Meetings and Seminars
  • Make a big impact at your next meeting with directional signs, meeting schedules, displays and lecture support materials.
  • Groups, Organizations, Clubs
  • With all the events and activities of a typical organization, group, or club, there is no end to the use for instant posters and banners. You can create posters promoting special events, sign-up sheets, tournament schedules, show announcements, signs for games and special activities and more.
  • Training Aids
  • Instant posters make ideal flip charts or displays for use in the classroom, training meetings or seminars.
  • Retail Sales and Promotions
  • Make the most of special sales and promotions with signs for your windows, banners to hang inside your store and point-of-sale display cards to point out special merchandise and pricing. They’re ideal for retailers, travel agencies, real estate offices and others.
  • Company Picnics and Parties
  • Mark your spot and set the tone for your company picnic or party with a large banner and colorful posters.
  • Birthdays and Special Occasions
  • Create a huge “greeting card” to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, homecomings and other special events with a custom banner made especially for the occasion.
  • Student and Community Theatre
  • Promote your show with attention-getting posters, banners and lobby cards. Posters are an ideal alternative for small theatres without the budget or need for high-volume printing.


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